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Global Strategic & Security Studies Review (GSSSR)

(Strategy, Security, and Peace)

Global Strategic & Security Studies Review (GSSSR) was introduced by Humanity Only (HO) through the research project sponsored and guided by the Humanity Research Council (HRC) - a sub-body of Humanity Development Society (HDS). GSSSR intends to promote a wide range of research practices with the help of newly emergent tools and patterns utilized in experiments, observations, interviews, analysis, and surveys in the leading research studies. Therefore, it subsumes all major segments of security and strategic studies. GSSSR is a quarterly, double-blind, and peer-reviewed research journal that focuses on security issues across the globe that incorporates major areas of security and strategic matters i.e. International Relations, strategic studies, Organizational studies, Security and policy studies, Geopolitics, Intelligence studies, Military and Warfare studies, and propaganda studies. Further details are available at


Vision and Mission

GSSSR aims to become one of the leading research platform of scholarship on global security and strategic studies in the world through dynamic research activities including conduct of international conferences on security issues and publishing quality research studies. To create such a platform where the researchers and academicians will explore the issues of security and strategic studies that will trigger the creation and promotion of new ideas related to global security, peace, and conflict.


Objectives & Focus

GSSSR promotes:

  1. Advancement of research in all sectors of War and peace
  2. High-quality publications in theoretical and empirical researches
  3. Networking of academicians, researchers and professionals encourage different genres in creative and research writing
  4. Finding out the causes and consequences of wars conflicts and it means of resolutions.



GSSSR covers security and strategic, inter-disciplinary, and trans-disciplinary issues and problems of security and strategic concerns. It welcomes articles covering social sciences, in general, and security and strategic studies specifically. Therefore, it covers all issues related to International Relations, strategic studies, Organizational studies, Security and policy studies, Geopolitics, Intelligence studies, Military and Ware fare studies, and propaganda studies.



GSSSR is committed to the highest values in research publications. It encourages Clarity, Efficiency, Excellence, Integrity, Honesty, Truth, and Professionalism in the articles submitted for publication. GSSSR has incorporated all these values into the process of selection and review.


Medium of Journal (Online, Print, OD, CD, other):

Type of Journal (Interdisciplinary):

GSSSR is dedicated to highest standards of research. Therefore, it allows papers of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary nature (provided falls within its scope). 

Publication Frequency:
According to the Humanity Only (HO) trustee Board recommendation, GSSSR was initially published on on Annual base-one issues per year i.e. 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. But due to the on-and-on requests of the national academia the aforementioned board revise its recommendation for 2020 and onwards i.e. the frequency has been changed from annual to quarterly-four issues per year having the following breakup:






















Peer Review: 
GSSSR is managing and evaluating all the research articles, papers and cases by “double-Blind Peer Review” exclusively.  GSSSR uses double-blind review, which means that the reviewer and author identities are concealed from each other, throughout the review process.  

GSSSR has a comprehensive process of evaluation as it follow double-blind peer review wherein after preliminary assessment (or Pre-Editorial Review) of an article by the Managing and Assistant Managing Editor(s), the same is reviewed by another internal Committee (known as an Editorial Review Committee) comprising the GSSSR Editor, Associate Editor(s)and Assistant Editor(s). However, selected members of the Advisory Board of GSSSR covering subject area of the article are also consulted during the internal review process and after recommendations of the Editorial Review Committee, the article goes through a cycle of final evaluation i.e. review by relevant National and International peer reviewers.





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