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Global Strategic & Security Studies Review - (GSSSR) entertains papers in the following domains (but not limited to) of Human Society


International Relations

1.     International politics

2.     International law

3.     International political economy

4.     Foreign Policy

5.     Global studies

6.     Diplomacy


Strategic Studies

1.     Global Strategic Issues

2.     World Geo - Strategy

3.     Arms Control and Disarmament

4.     Deterrence Regimes

5.     Non Proliferations Issues

6.     Nuclear Developments

7.     Strategic Trends


Organizational Studies

1.     International governmental organization (IGO's)

2.     Non-Governmental organization (NGO's)

3.     Multinational Corporation (MNC's)


Security and Policy Studies

1.     Public Policies

2.     Public administration

3.     Peace and conflict studies

4.     National Security Policy

5.     Defense Policy

6.     Military Strategy

7.     Peace and Conflict Studies

8.     UN Peace Keeping Operation

9.     Non Traditional Security Issues



1.     Human geography

2.     Political geography

3.     Economic geography

4.     Cultural geography

5.     Military geography

6.     Strategic geography


Intelligence Studies

1.     Espionage

2.     Artificial Intelligence

3.     International security

4.     Competitive Intelligence

5.     Business Intelligence

6.     Market Intelligence

7.     Scientific and Technical Intelligence

8.     Collective Intelligence


Military & Warfare Studies

1.     Modern Warfare

2.     Hybrid War

3.     War Schools & Colleges

4.     Military Art and Capacity











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